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LexEcon Pro Bono* Initiative is the charitable legal services division of LexEcon Consulting Group. Having understood our corporate social responsibility as a legal consultancy and having resolved to follow the Pro Bono Declaration of the International Bar Association, we have decided to provide free legal aid and advice particularly in class actions involving indigent groups or communities and designing legislation for developing countries. With the help of our global network of lawyers, we have been able to provide cross-border legal services depending on the nature of individual cases.

(* Pro Bono is a term derived from the Latin phrase pro bono publico, which refers to work or actions carried out 'for the public good').

View Pro Bono Declaration of the International Bar Association.


Lawyers who are interested in pro bono legal work are kindly invited to become members of LexEcon Pro Bono Initiative. Our pro bono work would include, for instance, sending email communications to respondents, providing free legal advice to under-privileged clients, representing them before national courts, undertaking legislative drafting assignments for developing nations, and the like.

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Those who wish to submit legal matters anticipating our free legal support, please inform us via

Please note that the decision to provide free legal support will be at the sole discretion of the management of LexEcon Consulting Group subject to the availability of resources.

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LexEcon eSME Initiative facilitates Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) worldwide to gain multiple benefits of paperless trade in international business-to-business (B2B) transactions by providing awareness on securely e-signing trade documents and executing e-contracts in different jurisdictions globally. For more information, please visit the web-page at