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  • A simple & secure model of e-Contracting
designed for a paperless supply chain
  • Fillable & editable e-Contract templates (in PDF)
with digital signature fields
  • More reliable & resilient alternative to paper-based
contract signing & performance
  • Fast & secure digital signing and electronic transmission
of contracts (No faxing, no scanning)
  • Legally binding on parties according to relevant
E-Transaction Laws (i.e. not merely based on trust)
  • Global reach & New market access opportunities
  • Optimized benefits from Cross-channel Commerce
  • Cost-effective, and more benefits according to the
chosen path of electronic transmission

Our Solution

eTransWorld™ is a business-to-business (B2B) e-Contracting service for international traders. It was launched with the objective of meeting international trading companies' need for a simple, cost effective, and secure electronic alternative to paper-based contract signing and performance.

During the past few years, in association with our global network of legal/ IT consultants and digital signature service providers, we have been able to provide e-Contracting support services to an international trading clientele from many parts of the world.
We look forward to assisting international trading corporates to –

  • Securely access new markets and enhance trade connections

  • Protect from fraudulent transactions taking place in electronic environments including B2B product advertising portals.

  • Mitigate risks by efficiently implementing contractual and regulatory compliance

  • Realize cost benefits by reducing or eliminating the manual operation of contracts

  • Improve supplier-customer relationships, and

  • Enhance operational efficiency and profitability.

A Secure Way to sign International Sales/ Supply Contracts in B2B product advertising portals and in offline trade transactions

Through its website, a B2B product advertising portal (e.g. usually provides an electronic web-based platform for exchanging information and concluding sale and purchase transactions of products and services online between buyers and suppliers. It may also provide services like an escrow facility, conditional verification of user identities, and a dispute resolution mechanism for buyers and sellers subject to users right to seek redress in a court of law.

As can be seen in the general terms of service of B2B product advertising portal sites and/or within the online click-wrap agreements entered into between the portal owner and each user, (a) an advertising portal does not represent the seller or the buyer in specific transactions that are made on or via the portal/platform; and (b) advertising portal users are solely held responsible for all of the terms and conditions of the transactions conducted on, through or as a result of use of the portal or platform.

In this context, most B2B product advertising portal users adopt the not-so-secure method of exchanging manually signed international contracts by fax or as scanned email attachments

The e-contract models and templates developed by LexEcon Consulting Group are increasingly used by B2B product advertising portal users worldwide to conclude contracts securely with PKI-based digital signatures. Please get in touch with our global network of consultants to know how e-contracting could benefit you and your trading partners!

Model e-Contracts designed for Paperless Supply Chains

The financial supply chain is set to go paperless with the introduction of Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations (URBPO) – 2013 by the International Chamber of Commerce. Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) is an electronic payment settlement option available to international traders. It is a more secure improvement over LC (letters of credit) and OA (open account) transactions.

As for the physical supply chain transactions, international business-to-business agreements and contracts are yet to go electronic in many countries.

LexEcon Consulting Group's e-Contract documents are drafted with the help of a global network of legal consultants based on standard agreement clauses and terms that relate to forming legally binding e-Contracts. The e-Contract models and templates that are downloadable from this webpage cover several key international trade transactions including the international commercial sale of goods, international long-term manufacture and supply of goods, international long-term supply of goods, and international distribution of goods by exclusive/ non-exclusive distributors.

A model Global Electronic Commerce Agreement ("e-Agreement") is also available for downloading. The e-Agreement is a blanket legal document providing the specific terms and conditions necessary to govern electronic business transactions that may be subsequently concluded by the B2B trading partners.
Among other provisions, these model e-Contracts (for International Sale / Supply / Distribution of Goods) provide for

  • Executing contracts in the electronic medium and the use of digital signatures;

  • Recognition of the Global Electronic Commerce Agreement (e-Agreement) as the governing document for conducting electronic communications under contract(s) for the international sale/ supply/ distribution of goods between the parties;

  • Delivery of goods as per Incoterms 2010 of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC);

  • Payment conditions as per Open Account (OA), Payment in Advance, Bank Payment Obligation (BPO), Documentary Credit (LC as per ICC-UCP 600 or eUCP v1.1), Payment by Documentary Collection (as per ICC- URC 522; D/P, D/A), Payment backed by Bank Guarantee (as per ICC- URDG 758; ICC- UCP 600; ISP 98);

  • Dispute resolution procedures;

  • Options for Governing Law, venue and jurisdiction; to name a few.

Winning the World of Omni-channel Commerce

It is today's trend for retailers to sell through many channels including shops, mail order catalogues, tele-sales, door-to-door agents, the web (PC and mobiles) and social media. Wholesale trade is not an exception to this practice. Today's B2B buyers expect the same consistent, personalized experience that B2C (business-to-consumer) companies offer across multiple channels. As the definition of omni-channel commerce suggests, the customer experience should be consistent across all channels to a practically possible extent.

Contracts form the foundation of any business enterprise. They represent most business relationships throughout the lifecycle, including, for instance, procurement, pricing, payment terms, expected service levels, etc.

Relative to the paper-based environment, the electronic way of contracting (secured with digital signatures) is much more efficient, consistent across all channels of sale, and helps optimize benefits from omni-channel commerce.
LexEcon model e-Contracts are used by lawyers and business professionals from a number of civil and common law countries as an effective tool to develop, customize and conclude international trade contracts in the electronic medium.

IMPORTANT: Please note that LexEcon e-Contract models and templates are framework documents drafted for illustrative purpose only, and the users are strongly requested to seek legal advice and Attorney assistance in order to customize and conclude e-Contracts in relation to any transaction. Therefore LexEcon Consulting Group, its Directors, staff, and consultants disclaim any potential liability associated with the content and use of LexEcon e-Contract models and templates. Also please refer to our Terms of Service accessible at that apply to the content and your use of LexEcon e-Contract models and templates.