Let us optimize your business agreements and increase productivity. Gain a competitive advantage with LexEcon BCP sevices…
LexEcon Business Contracting Platform™ (LexEcon BCP™) offers a complete solution package for contract creation and management in any business or trade. We help you better organize and manage contracting processes throughout all key stages, in a national or global context.

Negotiation & contract formation based on subject or industry-specific templates provided by LexEcon Contracts™ for eContracting or paper-based contract
Execution or signing electronic contracts by using secure electronic signature or digital signature services provided by our partners in compliance with the law
  (this is an option available to contracting parties as an efficient alternative to traditional paper-based contracts) ; and
Post-execution management of contracts that enables, among other things:
  Tracking and monitoring key performance indicators;
  Meeting all obligations and regulatory compliance requirements so as to prevent costly litigation and penalties;
  Proactive alerts and reminders to inform contract parties of any upcoming dates, events and milestones
  Repository of contracts
Surpass Competitors with LexEcon Biz Contracting for Instant Deal Making

Are you ready to reduce cost and risk, increase operational efficiency and profitability?

Then why not give a second thought to the amount of time, money and other resources spent on getting your day-to-day agreements signed?
If you are still using the traditional paper-based method to contract, now is the time to turn to a safe and secure electronic signing & contracting process that is much easier to use, less expensive, less time-consuming and more productive than the traditional methods.

Electronic signing offers great economic efficiencies by cutting costs, and expediting business processes.

Electronic Signatures can automate your signature-based approvals affordably, allowing you to go paperless and linking all parts of a transaction into one integrated end-to-end chain.

Electronic/Digital signatures are particularly beneficial for:

Government entities with formal approval workflows that involve agreements, contracts, licenses, and other official documents
Organizations that need to route documents requiring authorizations across multiple offices
Organizations employing field sales or service representatives that need to complete and send signed reports or contracts
Travelling executives whose signatures are required to execute processes
Organizations collaborating with external partners whose approvals are required for workflows
External-facing web portals with forms that require completion and signing
Contact us now and explore how to:

Optimize multiple business agreements on one platform
Standardize document signing
Manage executed contracts efficiently
Increase operational efficiency
Reduce cost & risk, and
Increase share of wallet and profitability
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Simply add legal document to Secured Signing service, sign, seal and send, or invite other parties to sign online.

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