LexEcon Consulting Group serves a global clientele.

We provide -

(a) legal consulting services to government institutions and Development Agencies. Specialized areas include international trade law, electronic transactions law, investment climate, market competition, etc.

(b) Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services to Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments and Small & Medium scale Enterprises. Specialized areas include legal research and analysis, regulatory compliance, legal drafting, etc.

Our core competencies are based on our ability to devise innovative legal solutions. Our team of consultants always keeps abreast of modern developments in the field of law. For instance, our constant focus on benefiting from developments in the interdisciplinary subject of Law and Economics, a.k.a. Economic Analysis of Law.

Economic Analysis of Law applies the tools of microeconomic theory to the analysis of legal rules and institutions. We strive to make efficient and effective legal solutions by drawing upon relevant economic concepts and theories. Our experience suggests that a proper economic analysis carried out based on a client's requirements helps them implement more effective solutions to issues of public policy as well as business legal issues.

Founder, President & CEO of LexEcon Consulting Group Dilum Abeysekera MBA (Wales), Attorney-at-Law has over twenty years of consulting experience with international clients including projects funded by the World Bank, UNDP and the USAID.

To be a global center of excellence in providing innovative and effective legal services with multidisciplinary expertise to government institutions and the corporate sector.


Working with government institutions and development agencies to improve national legal systems and develop international legal instruments by providing innovative and effective legal consultancy services with due diligence and multidisciplinary expertise; and

Teaming up with corporate clients in making productivity gains and improving the competitiveness of their businesses by providing innovative, cost-effective and customized legal process outsourcing services with due diligence and multidisciplinary expertise.

our billing policy

Our rates are structured considering the nature of the project and the needs of our clients with regard to cost-savings and the quality of work. In consultation with our clients, we will provide one of the following rate structures.

hourly basis
flat fee basis
per document or
any combination of the above

Please contact us for a billing consultation.